Temple of debod

The shrine was originally erected 15 kilometres ( mi) south of Aswan [2] in Upper Egypt , very close to the first cataract of the Nile and to the great religious center in Philae dedicated to the goddess Isis . In the early 2nd century BC, Adikhalamani (Tabriqo), the Kushite king of Meroë , started its construction by building a small single-room chapel dedicated to the god Amun . [2] It was built and decorated in a similar design to the later Meroitic chapel on which the Temple of Dakka is based. [2] Later, during the reigns of Ptolemy VI , Ptolemy VIII , and Ptolemy XII of the Ptolemaic dynasty , it was extended on all four sides to form a small temple, 12 by 15 metres (39 ft × 49 ft), which was dedicated to Isis of Philae. The Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius completed its decorations. [3]

Temple of debod

temple of debod


temple of debodtemple of debodtemple of debodtemple of debodtemple of debod