Tbol vascularity

Since few of the interested doctors asked to clear some doubts regarding examples of the classification. here it is
a] dry gangrene of toe with PAD comes under type 2 diabetic foot complication. when it gets infected, it comes under type 3 complication
b] ulcer in charcot foot is type 2, when it is infected it s type 3
c] Neuropathy is a complication of prolonged diabetes, rendering the foot to high risk. Hammer toe, claw toe, charcot foot, etc are all due to motor, autonomic neuropathy. the neuropathy mentioned in type 2 diabetic foot complication is the entrapment neuropathy
d] plantar abscesses, necrotising fasciitis, wet gangrene,etc are all acute emergency and they all are under type 1 foot complication whether the patient has sensory or no sensory loss
hope clarified the doubts appropriately
thank you

Tbol vascularity

tbol vascularity


tbol vascularitytbol vascularitytbol vascularitytbol vascularitytbol vascularity