Providence christian academy

Jason graduated from Atwater High School and then attended and played football at Merced College. He co-owned and operated a retail chain in Merced County for 10 years. He has volunteered in local community activities and served in various ministries including Interim Youth Leader at First Church of God in Atwater; Co-Leader of the Iron Men’s Ministry, Lay Leader of the Sr. High Youth Group, and Chairman of the Board of Deacons at First Baptist Church.  Jason believes God is always in control and feels blessed to be used in many ways to help others.   

The per capita income as of the 2000 census was $15,525, which is well below both the state average of $29,113 [66] and the national average of $21,587. [67] The median income for a household was $26,867, and the median income for a family in Providence was $32,058, according to the 2000 census. The city has one of the highest rates of poverty in the nation with % of the population and % of families living below the poverty line in 2000, the largest concentrations being found in the city's Olneyville , and Upper and Lower South Providence areas. [18] [68] Poverty has affected children at a disproportionately higher rate, with % of those under the age of 18 living below the poverty line, concentrated west of downtown in the neighborhoods of Hartford , Federal Hill , and Olneyville. [68]

In 1994 Providence Academy, a private classical Christian school located in Johnson City, TN, was started to assist parents with preparing their children for life and for eternity. An interdenominational, college-preparatory school serving students from kindergarten through grade 12, Providence Academy strives to teach and build eternal relationships Coram Deo, in the Presence of God, and exists only as an extension of the Christian family unit. Providence Academy utilizes the framework of classical teaching methodology to promote a rigorous academic setting. In addition, students have opportunities to participate in fine-arts, athletics, and service activities. The ultimate goal for Providence Academy can be summarized in our mission statement: “Providence Academy equips students to achieve academic excellence and spiritual maturity through a biblically-based, Christ-centered, classical education, so they will think and live in a manner which brings glory to God .”

Providence christian academy

providence christian academy


providence christian academyprovidence christian academyprovidence christian academyprovidence christian academyprovidence christian academy