Primo test pct

3. Have you taken all possible from natural training? Some may wonder why did I include this here and I will tell you why. Because I see too many young guys who simple come to you and ask “ what are you using right now?” I look at them and think what makes them wanting to use steroids at this age and answer comes immediately lack of knowledge. Guys steroids are only %10 of success, rest is training and nutrition. Print this and remember it forever. Until you have not taken maximum results from natural training dont use steroids.

Then how come it stops seizures in children or shakes for people with Parkinson’s disease? As far as weed making you a loser well, Arnold Schwarzenegger must be a loser as well then huh? What about Joe Rogan? Just 2 examples of men that are beasts & might I say much more successful than you & your ignorant rants. I get it, you’re a con artist. You don’t know the facts nor do you care.
Yes the mind should be fully developed, 25 y/o before messing with anything for the most part. This article is complete garbage. If you’re a lazy fuck you’re going to be one regardless of marijuana use. Grow up.
Didn’t you say you were going to keep using your real name & Vic was gone. Keep selling wolf tickets. Intelligent people see through your shit. Done with your lies.

Primo test pct

primo test pct


primo test pctprimo test pctprimo test pctprimo test pctprimo test pct