Oral t-bol megagear

(Contains also: grapeseed oil, campesterol, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, 9% benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol %)

Susta Mix 250 was designed so that it copies the effects of the naturally occurring hormone testosterone. According to the experiences of athletes this means is at the first two days after application, the most effective. Thus, it helps to stimulate an intense workout. The total duration is about one week. Anabolic and androgenic effects are the same for testosterone. The mechanism by which testosterone enables muscle growth is not entirely clear. But we know that an elevated level of the growth factor IGF-1, both in the muscles, as well as in the liver, further reducing the catabolic hormones glukokortikoider and finally an increased activity of satellite cells (Myosatellitocytus) play a role. In any case, Susta Mix 250 is considered to be a very effective anabolic product, which is very often used to achieve a rapid increase in muscle mass.

This agent can be combined to meet the training goals of the athlete with other dragons Sang products.

alternative to: Sustanon 250

Dosage: 3 ml / week


Susta Mix 250 , 10 ml vial, oily solution (250 mg / ml)

This product is a joke. This is a an attempt at creating a "legal" steroid. This tbol is a copycat of a steroid called tbol which is a form of the steroid dianabol. If you read the ingredients, you'll notice "diavanabol" as a main ingredient, which again is an attempt at recreating a steroid and selling it as a regular test booster. This does not work and all the guys who are claiming they gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks are full of it. Their gains were probably a placebo effect as gaining 8 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks is a feat in itself even for a steroid.

Oral t-bol megagear

oral t-bol megagear


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