Muscle bulking supplements

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Plasma and muscle glutamine levels are decreased post workout and it can take hours before they are restored (Rowbottom, 1996). A study examining the effect of free-form glutamine and glutamine peptide ingestion on muscle glycogen resynthesis found that plasma glutamine was decreased by 20% post workout with the ingestion of glucose only (control), showed no change with ingestion of whey protein or wheat protein hydrolysate plus glucose drinks, and a 200% increase with ingestion of free-form glutamine plus glucose drink (VanHall, 2000). Free-form glutamine supplementation was needed to elevate plasma glutamine levels post workout.

A great coach and friend of ProRugby club Travis McIntyre explains it simply. He asks his Academy boys “What do you think a pro coach would say to you if you had that size and skill set?”  Travis looks at their genetics first and then makes a path for them to succeed through honesty. It is about getting the most out of each person and pushing them into pro and semi-pro environments. So if he has a 16-year-old student who is a lock at 6 foot he will look at his potential growth and if he does not have a lot more to grow a tactical positional change may be required for a longer term view than short term wins.

Muscle bulking supplements

muscle bulking supplements


muscle bulking supplementsmuscle bulking supplementsmuscle bulking supplementsmuscle bulking supplementsmuscle bulking supplements