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This is a couple years later, so I wonder if SS is still there. I would like to hear if your parents ever responded to your question about their “blackoout” during high school years. The same thing is happening to me, as a parent! I was a dream homeschoolling mom until a few years ago. I suppose that my bad years, which included cancer, two difficult pregnancies and later miscarriages, and a plethora of injuries keeping me in casts and boots, left me depleted. I panic to see my 14 yr old laying on the couch reading his schoolwork books but doing otherwise very little. No science labs, no more writing. I cannot teach him–he argues and groans and has little initiative–and I have all this other running around to do, plus four other children. We live in a terrible district and cannot afford private school. I feel that my son is wasting away. He is a talented artist, musician(only dabbles. now) and he is very articulate and funny. A good kid too. I will ponder your post.

In December 1917 Mansfield was diagnosed with tuberculosis . Rejecting the idea of staying in a sanatorium on the grounds that it would cut her off from writing, [5] she moved abroad to avoid the English winter. [7] She stayed at a half-deserted and cold hotel in Bandol , France, where she became depressed but continued to produce stories, including " Je ne parle pas français ". " Bliss ", the story that lent its name to her second collection of stories in 1920, was also published in 1918. Her health continued to deteriorate and she had her first lung haemorrhage in March. [7]

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Masteron my personal trainer

masteron my personal trainer


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