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Completed in March 1959, this Berlinetta, 1321GT, was dispatched to Jacques Swaters’ Ferrari dealership in Brussels for Armand and Jean Blaton, two wealthy brothers who competed using aliases to disguise their racing activities from their disapproving father. At the first major race in early June 1959, they entered he car in the Nürburgring 1,000 Kilometer race and won the GT class finishing 9th overall. Later that month at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ecurie Francorchamps entered the car for drivers Leon Dernier, using the alias “Elde” and Jean Blaton racing as “Beurlys,” and after a fairly uneventful race the duo finished a remarkable 3rd overall and won the 3 liter GT class.

The T51 was entered into championship races by a further twelve organisations, the most notable being Reg Parnell , who later took over Yeoman Credit's racing activities from BRP, and Fred Armbruster , who entered Pete Lovely in the 1960 United States Grand Prix with a T51 uniquely fitted with a Ferrari Tipo 555 engine, a different engine to those used by Scuderia Eugenio Castelotti. The final World Championship appearance for a T51 came when Trevor Blokdyk took his Scuderia Lupini T51-Maserati to twelfth place in the 1963 South African Grand Prix .

Masten gregory

masten gregory


masten gregorymasten gregorymasten gregorymasten gregorymasten gregory