Mast prop pain

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Your doctor may tell you to take cromolyn sodium 10 to 15 minutes before you exercise or come into contact with a specific trigger, such as a cat. Usually, however, you will be told to take cromolyn sodium on a regular basis, probably starting at four times a day. It is crucial that you take cromolyn sodium, regularly , as often as your doctor recommends, even though you have no asthma symptoms at the time. Cromolyn sodium starts working right away but when you first begin taking it, you may have a lot of inflammation in your airways. Therefore, it may take up to two weeks (or perhaps one month) of regular treatment to bring your asthma under control. Do not stop taking cromolyn sodium or skip any doses without first talking with your doctor.

Mast prop pain

mast prop pain


mast prop painmast prop painmast prop painmast prop painmast prop pain