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Carolina High Mast, a Division of CHM Industries, produces complete systems for illuminating large indoor and outdoor areas including sporting venues, highways, freight yards, ports, commercial parking lots, shopping centers, industrial plants, toll plazas, airports, power plants, parks and sports yards. Carolina High Mast designs, fabricates and warrants the entire system including the towers, lowering device and luminaire.

Carolina High Mast offers a complete line of lowering and fixed lighting systems. The lowering device system lowers the fixtures to ground level for relamping and maintenance without the need to expensive or cumbersome heavy equipment. The fixed systems are offered in both bottom fused and remote ballast. 

The complete CHM lighting system is designed and manufactured in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.     

I had a PICC line placed in my left arm about three inches above the elbow. The poor PA who placed it was terrified. She called me the day before to go over the procedure in pinched, staccato notes. She casually mentioned that she was considering doing the placement in the ER since they would have a crash cart nearby. The infusion nurses had regaled her with stories of my reactions and anaphylaxis history. I laughed and then felt bad about it. “Whatever you need to feel comfortable is fine,” I told her. It is the first time I remember a provider being scared of my disease.

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