Lean management cycle

The data collection system posts such information as takt time and hourly production quantities to visual reporting tools like a white board in the cell or an electronic scoreboard. The lean data collection system also allows the cell leader to collect additional information (like machine downtime, quality-related data, and so forth) that may be currently required for improvement studies. Additional information collected in the cell is often linked to reason codes that report why (for example) a machine is down or time has been lost. The data collection system provides vital, real-time information to the cell leader and also provides the information for performance measurement and value stream costing.

Facilities (land, buildings, equipment) provide the physical capability to add value and create products. The most common manifestation of facility planning (or lack thereof) is the Plant Layout . An effective layout incorporates and enables the manufacturing strategy on which it is based. Lean strategy starts with workflow and workflow is the result of process and layout. Mr. Lee has authored two books and many articles on Plant Layout and Facility Planning. His approach is organized, practical and systematic.

Lean management cycle

lean management cycle


lean management cyclelean management cyclelean management cyclelean management cyclelean management cycle