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The man was in Iraq. He got in over his head with his story, he felt inadequate and he got burned. I don’t care how much someone lied about there service. It is never a justification for pushing an individual to take his own life. Yes he brought this on himself, he will slowly come to realise the changes he needs to make. My only concern is that this guy is a candidate for suicide watch and many people who are angry because he lied fail to see that his lies do not warrant a death sentence, the man is obviously not all there. He is on meds, those meds are more powerful than a man. I served in Iraq and comrades of mine died there, yet I do not feel the need to push this guy over the edge. In time he will face his demons. Maybe he will serve as an example to others not to tell stories like that. But at the same token I have been in many bars and bases and have heard all sorts of bs stories from guys who were on Active Duty. I even heard a drill instructor tell someone that they can lie about their careers but they can’t wear medals and other uniform items that were not earned. I doubt that the VA has paid him for a TBI without some type of documentation. I checked my medical record and saw that even once when I was sent to alcohol screening for a drunken and disorderly incident that I was NJP’d for while in the service there was mention of it in my record. PTSD happens to people who have been in Iraq, it’s like Saddam’s revenge. One of the things that service members feel they represent when they serve is Freedom of Speech.

Dianabol pills blue hearts

dianabol pills blue hearts


dianabol pills blue heartsdianabol pills blue heartsdianabol pills blue heartsdianabol pills blue heartsdianabol pills blue hearts