Diana ballon

Oh this was/is such a great project and thanks so much for the idea. I am a wedding planner and also I have a daughter getting married next summer in a farm setting with a barn reception. I have a very creative mind, but not a pro at crafts. With that being said….I am making about 30 of these to hang with pendant lights for my daughter’s reception. I started a week ago on my first one – the balloon was too egg shaped so I had to go on the hunt for “round” balloons. While the first one came out beautifully, I wasn’t happy with the shape. The truly round balloons are rather tough to find, but I finally did. I since then pulled apart my first one, soaked all the hardened doilies in laundry detergent and water, let dry – and poof – they are good to go for another doily pendant with the balloon shape that I want. I actually purchased cheap plastic throw away bowls (smaller than the balloon of course) and use them as a pedestal or stand to place the balloon on as I work. I have an assembly line going of drying doily balloons. I also have a ceiling fan in the room where I am working and turn it up to expedite the drying process. I have had extreme success with Stiffy – fabric stiffener. I pour it in an aluminum tray and lay the doily in it. I actually saturate the doily fairly well and squeeze out the excess. I then stretch the doily firmly and flat over the balloon. I found that it was easier to do half of the balloon as the doilies will slide off or lift if gravity is not holding the doily down. You definitely want to keep all edges down firmly. I do overlap the doilies. When they are all dry – I simply hold the knot of the balloon and snip a hole and let the air out gently – you can hear the balloon peel away for the doilies. I have gone out on a wild hunt for vintage doilies, antique stores, etc. While I certainly could go purchase new ones, they won’t have the history behind them or the uniqueness. I am mixing white, ivory, ecru on each pendant as I want them for sure have the vintage eclectic feel. I finished 12 this week and only have 18 to go. Each one is so beautiful and unique to itself. I have found that it takes 3/4 of a 16 oz. bottle of Stiffy to create one 14″ pendant. I do saturate the doilies a lot so as to ensure a really stiff result. Also, I am making two different size pendants. All in all, I am thrilled and my daughter just loves them. Thank you, thank you!

Diana ballon

diana ballon


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