Devil zodiac signs

Aries, a chain of events proved to you that more of the same won't help you get where you need and know that you want to be. However, as much as you're bold, you are also at times resistant to change. You may feel thankful for the lessons your experiences have taught you, but at the same time your heart has hardened to a degree and makes you a bit of a cynic. This attitude might be translating into your resistance to change. You could be asking yourself, "What does change matter? I'm just going to get more of the same no matter what life gives me?"

The Full Moon on the 12th is gonna be a platonic boner-killer for sure. You may be feeling lonely around this time or just acutely aware of the very real differences between you and the people you care about. This is a bad time to hide out and avoid your friends, Scorpio; in fact, it’s the moment when you need them most. There’s an important difference between that regenerative space you need to be alone and hiding from everyone who loves you so that you can go into a self-destructive K-hole. Keep it kosher, kid; let your bishes love you.

Devil zodiac signs

devil zodiac signs


devil zodiac signsdevil zodiac signsdevil zodiac signsdevil zodiac signsdevil zodiac signs