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4. Accepted the following Resignation into Retirement with regret: Deb Gleason as Teacher effective 6/30/17

5. Accepted the resignation of Laura Bellis as School Bus Driver effective 6/23/17

6. Accepted the resignation of Rob Cole as Cook Manager effective 8/31/17

7. Approved the appointment of Kimberly McAtee as Clerk effective 9/1/17

8. Approved the creation of a UPK Parent Liaison Teaching Assistant

9. Accepted the following resignation into Retirement with regret: Diana Groll as Music Teacher effective 6/30/17

10. Accepted the following resignation into Retirement with regret: Cynthia Wood as Physical Education Teacher effective 6/30/17

11. Approved the appointment of James Kennedy as Maintenance Mechanic

12. The board approved the agreement for services with The Arc of Schuyler/Glen Industries for work study during the 2017-18 school year

Gear up for the RAMC Bandit Run . This annual reenactment -- organized by Restore a Muscle Car -- traces the journey Bo "Bandit" Darville took in 1977's "Smokey and the Bandit," driving a black Trans-Am from Texas to Georgia. Participants (called "Bandit runners") will be on the road this week, stopping in Birmingham and Leeds on Tuesday. Look for them at Barber Motorsports Park , 1:30 .-5:30 ., where they'll show off their vroom-vroom vehicles, tour the museum and run parade laps around the track. The caravan heads to the Coyote Drive  at 7 . for a screening of -- you guessed it -- Smokey and the Bandit." 

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