Bol d'air jacquier

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The aim of the Bol d'Air Jacquier® device is to provide a balanced cellular oxygenation, regardless the degree of pollution, place, age, lifestyle or physiological conditions of those who breathes it. It is used to provide a natural extract of peroxidizing terpens (with a majority of pinenes), in gaseous and inhalable form. With several light chemical links between terpens, haemoglobin and tetravalent oxygen, the device would improved cellular oxygenation. Our bibliographical work consisted in summarizing what is known about the device, the terpens oil, oxygen and finally the causes and consequences of hypoxia. Our research work consisted in highlighting that : The Bol d'Air Jacquier ® may increase cells oxygenation. Terpens oil are inhaled, hydroxylated and excreted in the urines. Oxygen provided by the device does not generate oxidative stress. On the contrary, whether by conventional antioxidant evaluations or innovative methods (KRL and RESEDA), we demonstrated the ability of the Bol Air® to induce an antioxidant effect, dose-dependent, which does not adversely the antioxidant protections existing. These qualities are found as well in vivo as ex vivo. The way of protection could be the stocking up and/or the protection of circulating antioxidant reserves, especially among elder bodies. In addition, we could highlight a specific action of the Bol d'Air on the metabolism related to glutathione reductase, and its positive action on glycated haemoglobin. Other experiments have enabled us to clarify the conditions of use of the device. Lastly, we finish this paper by examining the many possible axes of research to assess the impact of the device on organisms, ranging from the fight against the immortal cells to the supporting of the training of athletes.   Read more... Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first.

Bol d'air jacquier

bol d'air jacquier


bol d'air jacquierbol d'air jacquierbol d'air jacquierbol d'air jacquierbol d'air jacquier